Cibus Tec 2023: Smart Packaging Hub will be there with its 5 partner companies

Published: 22/09/2023

Smart Packaging Hub, the virtual platform created in pandemic times as a reference point for companies that use packaging and packaging machines for food & beverage, where they can engage with authoritative professionals in the industry through innovative technological novelties and solutions, is now also a physical meeting point, in attendance at major industry trade shows.

The next appointment where you can meet the professionals of the 5 companies of the Smart Packaging Hub, is at the 53rd edition of Cibus Tec, the highly specialised trade fair dedicated to technologies for the food and beverage sector, which will be held in Parma from 24 to 27 October.

At Cibus Tec 2023, 40,000 visitors/industry professionals are expected from Italy and 120 countries around the world, where they will be able to engage with Food Processing & Packaging innovations and technologies offered by 1,200 exhibitors. It is an opportunity for supply and demand to meet to open new scenarios, share knowledge in technological innovation, stimulating investment and business growth in the supply chain.

Smart Packaging Hub at Cibus Tec 2023

The Smart Packaging Hub’s stand, at PAD 03 – B038, is a meeting point where visitors will be able to exchange views with professionals from the Hub’s 5 Italian companies, namely Baumer, Cama, Clevertech, Tosa and Zacmi, being able to delve into design and technological issues concerning all components of a complete packaging line for food & beverage.

The 5 companies in the Smart Packaging Hub, have different skills ranging from primary packaging, to secondary, to tertiary. In this way, the Hub’s professionals have at their disposal technologies and machines for each sector of the supply chain, which allow them to configure and propose automated plants with modular and customizable solutions, enabling them to compose complete and innovative lines for packaging and wrapping.

Here is a preview of the novelties that the 5 companies of the Smart Packaging Hub will present at the 53rd edition of Cibus Tec in Hall 03 Stand B038.


Baumer will cover topics in line with sustainability and circular economy by presenting “Rouge,” its latest green project. This project, patented by Baumer, makes it possible to eliminate the use of plastic and reduce the use of cardboard by more than 40 percent compared to common wrap-around packaging solutions.

Convenience, design and savings, all this and more is “Rouge,” a fully modular solution designed to ensure maximum savings and reduce environmental impact, without compromising product quality. In addition to this latest project, the company’s technicians will be on hand to show visitors all the special applications proposed by Baumer, designed to ensure maximum savings and production quality.


Cama will present a new monoblock concept with a circular rather than linear boxes transport system. High-performing and with a small footprint, the solution uses 3 compact robots by RB002 series which, allowing overlapping work in some areas of the unit, make compact spaces by taking advantage of the opposite sides of the conveyor system. In detail, one robot handles/follows boxes forming, one handles the product loading, and last one handles the packaging closure.

The box transport system is the real breakthrough: boxes are transported on shuttles and held in place through the vacuum generated directly on board the boxes. This ensures particularly accurate handling of even the most valuable packages.

The flexibility of the platform, as in all Cama solutions, allows for different types of layout, infeed and performance. The new monoblock allows performance up to 75 boxes per minute with product infeed over 500 CPM.


Clevertech will propose automation solutions in the processes of loading and unloading product into containers, for heat treatment in autoclaves for food preservation. In particular, Clevertech is engaged in the study of automated solutions for the loading and unloading of product in packages, to be treated in high-pressure autoclaves.

Compared to traditional autoclaves, high-pressure autoclaves drastically reduce the treatment cycle from 40-50 minutes to only 2-3 minutes, which is in favor of process efficiency and thus energy savings. Clevertech’s technical specialists will be on hand to demonstrate the latest design of the automated loading and unloading system for high-pressure autoclaves, using delta robots, managing to increase the amount of product to be treated.


Tosa will cover topics that are increasingly drawing the attention of companies on the type of material to use to wrap palletized loads at the end of the line, with a view to eco-sustainability. Tosa Group professionals will engage with visitors, expounding their views on the use of plastic film or paper reels for wrapping machines of palletized loads at the end of the line, without compromising the reliability of sealing, stability and thus safety. Tosa will address these issues by illustrating one of its latest projects in research and development to create a “deformable paper” that adapts to even irregular profiles of palletized loads, thanks to the “deformed” fibers of up to 40 percent that compose it.

Continuing on this innovative theme for tertiary packaging, Tosa will present its new wrapping machine “Cai Lun Hybrid,” capable of working with all types of paper reels on the market, mainly Kraft paper. This modern automatic wrapping machine, also stands out for its versatility, as it can also use plastic film, adapting to any requirement. Tosa will also present “Juracàn,” the new rotating ring wrapper with plastic stretch film, suitable for high production requirements and characterized by a new construction philosophy of balancing machine structure and counterweights.


Zacmi will present the “Synchronized Group,” its latest project that innovatively interprets the integration of technology and process management for filling and seaming. Zacmi’s “Synchronized Group” consists of a piston filling machine and a seamer that process the same product in perfect synchrony and with high performance.

The filler is equipped with a patented vertical valve, which allows a production speed of up to 1,200 strokes per minute, maintaining the same filling accuracy and quality regardless of the type of food handled (liquid, viscous or chunky). The machine is equipped with the “No can-No Fill” system, which prevents any waste: if the container is not present, filling does not begin. The combined seamer is a 12-head made entirely of stainless steel. It reaches a speed of 1200 strokes per minute with tinplate cans and up to 1600 strokes per minute with aluminium containers. Built-in continuous lubrication eliminates the need to stop production for maintenance. In addition, this seamer offers the possibility of in-line seaming control thanks to D.S.M. (Double Seam Monitoring) technology sensors.

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