Efficiency & Quality in Packaging Lines

Flexibility and a high degree of personalisation even for packaging machines

Two crosscutting requirements all other the industrial world and not only there: flexibility and a high degree of personalisation. In recent times, they have almost become buzzword. Flexibility is the ability to adapt to changing situations, keeping the same level of performance. In other words, flexibility is the ability to offer a quick response to short-term changes. The […]

Rendezvous at CibusTec forum!

Cibus Tec Forum is the new exhibition/conference on food and beverage technologies, scheduled to take place in Parma on 25th-26th October 2022. Conceived by Fiere di Parma and Koelnmesse, this two-day conference with an innovative format will offer an overview of the most significant technological innovations and trends in the Food processing & packaging industry, that will certainly impact our […]

The opportunity of digital transformation for food & beverage

Industry 4.0 and digital innovation: how can this evolution be transferred into the food & beverage packaging industry? Which kind of benefits can this evolution bring to the customer and how does it ensure competitiveness in today global market? These topics were fully discussed at the round table of last 15 April 2021. The event, […]

Primary packaging: how to obtain better quality and more efficiency in production lines

Opem’s commitment is always oriented to a constant research of innovative solutions for the improvement of performances and quality in packaging lines. «Our machines carry out the primary packaging and therefore they have the prerogative of processing as “product” both the customer’s raw material (the real product) and the container of the product itself, which […]

Clevertech enhances customization

The solutions by Clevertech Group provide for state-of-the-art sensors, branded by leader world players. «Each plant is equipped with a sensor system with high customization degree», the Mechatronic Director Simone Cervi explains. «The Group stands out for manufacturing plants in various continents: customers can choose Siemens or Rockwell hardware and software architecture on which sensors […]

Cama Group is rich in controls

The solutions from Cama Group assure the highest quality and integrity of products from a line. «To provide a solid foundation we bring the incoming product under control; the control of the outgoing product, in our case a package; the control of the operator on the machine and on fixtures», the R&D Manager Massimo Monguzzi […]

Filling and closing: Zacmi takes care of it

Zacmi’s mission is to study a suitable solution for all customers’ requests. «Zacmi proposes solutions in the scope of filling and closing: for these two processing phases, we have developed an increasingly advanced technology, to meet customers’ requirements», the Sales Area Manager, Fabio Belicchi highlights. It is worth underlining several aspects of the offer. «Speaking […]

Tosa, the end of line specialist

Tosa is a specialist of end of line. «To assure utmost product quality and integrity, the starting points must be the stability, the protection and the safety of the load», the Sales Area Manager Marco Cocino explains. «Choosing the best wrapping recipe is fundamental: it is developed by wisely mixing all right “ingredients”, optimizing wrapping […]

Baumer’s commitment to secondary packaging

Baumer produces packaging machines working with both shrink-wrap film and wrap-around carton. «In secondary packaging it is fundamental to preserve the product integrity during all packaging phases and to allow the defect-free delivery to final customers», the Sales Manager Roberto Campagnini explains. «Depending on cases, we use: customized solutions to prevent the label damaging, sensors […]

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