Sustainability & Energy Saving

Mono-material labelling technique revolutionises multi-pack packaging for snacks and small bakery products by counteracting overpacking

In the production chain of the food & beverage industry that is increasingly focused on the sustainable management of resources, the packaging stage plays a key role in the development of environmentally friendly solutions. Food & beverage packaging manufacturers are committed to designing ‘eco-conscious’ packaging systems to counteract overpacking, with the aim of decreasing the […]

Kraft paper or plastic stretch film? Cai Lun Hybrid can process both

Materials and their sustainability are particularly under observation – not only in the packaging industry – because of a growing sensitivity towards environmental protection felt at all levels of society. The demand of increasingly low-impact packaging has evolved significantly and is a growing trend. To the extent that the R&D department at Tosa Group, which […]

Safe, easy-care, sustainable. The early childhood Foodpack of the future

A growing consumer attention to sustainability pushed Kraft Heinz to reconsider the packaging of fruit puree snack and meat and vegetable snack for the international market, both Plasmon and Heinz branded all of them produced in the historic factory in Latina. Nowadays, snacks are available in easy-care pouches with re-sealable cap, made of plastic mono-material […]

Italians wants a green food packaging

As regards Italian consumers, a green packaging more and more frequently defines the purchase choice of food and beverage. Despite a difficult economic climate with a rapidly rising inflation rate and skyrocketing energy costs, in the last year 65% of Italian families put a product into their cart because its packaging was more sustainable as […]

Tertiary Packaging exploring the world of Paper wrapping

From manufacturers to consumers. It is the function of tertiary packaging, representing the third level of packing. Thanks to end-of-line industrial systems, now highly automated, goods are loaded on pallets while wrapping systems secure the load to be carried and delivered to general merchandise stores or other channel specialists in perfect condition. Security is paramount; […]

Digital for packaging sustainability: the environmental label goes digital

As everybody knows, sustainability will lead the future economic development for environmental protection and not only. Talking packaging, sustainability is a pre-requisite, since packaging, because of its nature, turns into waste the moment we buy a product. That is why its proper disposal is a must. The difficulty of untangling materials and waste separation systems […]

Future trends of packaging for food & beverage

Sustainability drives evolution in the food & beverage packaging, both primary and secondary, that go directly into consumers’ homes, and tertiary, that mainly influences transport and logistics. The lion’s share goes to the materials, with paper and cardboard replacing plastics, wherever possible, and aluminium that, thanks to its high recyclability, is entering the preserved food […]

Italy, a model for the Eco-sustainability of packaging

In 2022, Italy is one of the European countries with the lowest cost of packaging recycling.  This was revealed by a study conducted by Green (Centre for Geography, Resources, Environment, Energy and Networks) of Bocconi University and by Wuppertal Institut, recently presented at the European Parliament in Brussels.  Increased sensitivity for environmental protection and the more restrictive […]

Sustainable Packaging, a driver of food product choice

Food sustainability goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability, a strategic priority of institutions and governments and, more and more, a citizens’ lifestyle choice.  Every day, 89% of Italians make sustainable choices and for 84% of Italians sustainability regards food product choices. For 28% of Italians, sustainable packaging drives such choices. These are the summary data […]

Digital innovation and sustainability in the future of processing & packaging

The processing & packaging supply chain is one of the most dynamic and complex industries in Italy, considering various actors involved, i.e. processing, packaging technology, packaging solutions and materials that create a real business ecosystem, unique in Europe.  We are talking about an industry that, as regards packaging machines, is 8.2 billion Euro worth in 2021,with a progress […]

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