Companies and ITS Academy together to train packaging technicians

Published: 06/03/2024

There is a well-known hunger for specialised technicians in our companies, where the digital revolution is underway with the application of new technologies to production systems.

According to data from Unioncamere, between 2023 and 2027, with the current technical offer, only 60% of demand will be met, with more critical percentages in mechatronics, mechanics, energy, transport and logistics, and construction, sectors in which the proportion is reversed, and the offer could cover less than a third of potential demand.

Today’s factories need technicians: mechanical designers, automation and artificial intelligence experts, 4.0 maintenance engineers, sustainability experts. 

How can bridges, relationships and collaborations be built between the world of education and the world of work in order to orient young people towards higher technical education and thus get them into innovative companies undergoing digital and green transition?

In this episode we talk about this with Annalisa Bellante, vice-president and HR manager of Cama Group, and Raffaele Crippa, director of ITS Lombardia Meccatronica and coordinator of the National Network of ITS Mechatronics. Moderator: Gaia Fiertler, journalist and expert on HR issues, training, skills

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