Tosa Group: wrapping, strapping and shrinking machines by a family-run company

Published: 26/03/2021

The history of the Group, which has its roots in 1974, is inextricably linked to the history of the Tosa family. Founded by the genius of Beppe Tosa, forty-seven years ago, it soon established itself as a synonym of quality in the oenological/mechanical sector, and then opened up to industrial automation worldwide in the production of packaging machines. Tosa today is a solid reality that from the headquarter in Santo Stefano Belbo, in the heart of the Langhe, looks to the whole world. The group is today managed by Beppe Tosa’s daughter and son, Serena and Fabio, the second generation of the family, who joined the company in 2006 and continue to carry on their father’s dream, towards new challenges and entrepreneurial successes.

Present on the market with three brands, Tosa, Mimi and CMR, the Group operates in the stabilisation and safety of palletised load, eliminating any criticality to the integrity of goods in the path between producer and consumer. 

From the food & beverage industry to building, from home & personal care to logistics, Tosa Group equipment are distributed on a world scale: from Europe to Australia, from America to Asia. 

The acute observation of the market has allowed Tosa to adapt to the ongoing changes, from a commercial, production and logistic point of view: the globalization that makes logistics fundamental, the increase of the production line thanks to technological development, the introduction of half pallets and quarter pallets, the change in the way goods are handled. Changes that have given packaging an increasingly strategic role in terms of productivity, efficiency and safety

All Tosa Group machines are conceived according to the “design for low maintenance” philosophy, whereby each device is designed to guarantee the minimum possible maintenance and optimize time saving, sustainability, safety and cleaning. A philosophy setting that ensures savings in ordinary maintenance of 75%.

Three brands, one excellence 

Leading brand of the group, Tosa produces solutions for every need for pallet wrapping with stretch film and their handling. The pallet wrapping machines are characterized by the patented automatic stretch and top film roll changeover which allows a considerable time saving. Furthermore, the Smart wrapping technology allows to automatically optimize the distribution of the film during the phases of the wrapping cycle, avoiding damaging the product, while the “Tailfree” cutting/hooking/sealing system guarantees perfect sealing by eliminating possible film queues, which is essential for the storage of goods in automatic warehouses.

The Mimi brand is specialized in the production of shrink wrapping machines for products of various sizes. The automatic film-roll changeover is available on the machines for large packages and allows you to replace the exhausted film roll in 10 seconds, without operator intervention. These machines foresee the positioning of the film-roll loading area outside the safety area and optimize the production capacity with an average annual increase of 810 hours and a considerable saving of energy by 30%. Mimi also supplies customized, flexible and modular products feeding systems for the different grouping solutions of each product.

Last but not least, CMR brand is specialized in the production of strapping machines for every type of product, whether large or small, with horizontal and vertical strapping solutions. The excellence and the reliability of patented strapping heads assure great performance for each product, avoiding eventual damages of the load and durability of machines.

Due to their versatility and broad range operations, CMR solutions can be perfectly integrated into a system with other Tosa machines, for a complete and efficient end of line. CMR solutions, thanks to their versatility and wide range, can be perfectly integrated into a system with other Tosa machines for a complete and efficient end of the line.

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