Baumer: wrap around, shrinkwrappers and combined machines for secondary packaging

Published: 26/03/2021

Established in 1974, in Modena, in the core of the Packaging Valley, Baumer produces secondary packaging machines with high technological content: shrinkwrappers, wrap-around, multifunction, combined and tray packer. 

Along the years, Baumer has consolidated its international activity, to the extent of reaching 1,500 machines installed worldwide. The great success achieved in Central America has induced the enterprise to set up a branch in Mexico, aimed at directly taking care of the whole American market. Next years they are planning to establish further subsidiaries in various European Countries.

Each typology of Baumer machine is conceived to assure utmost flexibility, user-friendliness, time optimization and manufacturing saving. Baumer production is subdivided by 60% into wrap-around machines and shrinkwrappers and by 30% into the integration of its know-how into a single combined machine that satisfies all packaging typologies. The offer is completed by multifunction and tray-packer machines, able to produce big-size formats and further specific formats.

Shrinkwrappers can work with: only film, pad and film or tray and film, with speeds ranging from 15 to 200 packs per minute. Baumer shrinkwrappers are designed to assure: high quality, efficiency and high production savings. Through the automatic reel changeover selected from the operator panel, it is possible to change the ended shrink-wrap film reel automatically, without the aid of operators, assuring the correct machine operation without interruptions or slowdowns. The Greentech tunnel has instead been engineered to reach the work temperature in few minutes, to reduce heat wastes and to assure energy saving up to 40% compared to old generation tunnels.

Wrap-around packers are the ideal solution to pack products in a simple and safe way in wrap-around carton, high tray and display case. Advanced technology and dedicated optional systems make this machine type super-compact and suitable for every type of product, including: bricks, cylindrical, square, rectangular and oval products, even particularly unstable. Packages are implemented around products and therefore they are solid, sturdy and in conformity with the aesthetical and functional market requirements.

Combined machines

“Combined” matches in a single line the performances of two different machines, shrinkwrappers and wrap-around, so permitting to save money and space in production. Combined machines represent a single solution to pack products in film only, on pad, in tray or in wrap-around carton up to 80 packages per minute.

The patented Bm-Belt system allows changing over from wrap-around to film in few instants, assuring astonishing flexibility in production.

All machines can be customized and enriched with some special patented Baumer™ solutions. The automatic format changeover allows selecting the wished format from the operator panel and the machine automatically sets up for new products in few instants. The 90° infeed system allows reducing the machine footprint, in particular the U-Shape system decreases the machine length by at least 50%.

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