Increasing the flexibility of in-house packaging equipment can be extremely efficient. For some companies, increasing flexibility of machinery lines will further promote the ability to produce packages of different sizes and varieties in a timely manner. As consumer demand for greater selection in consumption goods increases, it is companies who can implement new and innovative packaging quickly that will prosper in the competitive food product industry.

Join this webinar to discover how our 6 companies can help end-users of automated packaging machines or lines to find responses to their most complex questions, concerning manufacturing efficiency, configuration flexibility, product safety and quality, traceability, ROI calculation, eco-sustainability and energy saving.

Sonia Bennati, Ceo Editrice Zeus

Speakers and Agenda
How easy and flexible is to satisfy customer needs 
Opem - Alessandro Moisè, Head of Project Management & General Affairs

Flexibility of format, product, packaging and receipt from a single machine to an entire line 
Zacmi - Marco Motta, Area Sales Manager

Industry 4.0 and Augmented Reality as innovation tool to  increase the flexibility of your production line: a real case study
Cama - Massimo Monguzzi, R&D Manager

Combi - One machine to switch off from film only to wrap-around carton in a few seconds, always guaranteeing the highest packaging quality to ensure maximum production flexibility
Baumer - Roberto Campagnini, Area Sales Manager

Data management and flexibility: from customer’s management system (where raw materials are managed) to Warehouse Management System
Clevertech - Luca Carollo, Business Development Manager

Flexibility in the management of different pallet formats and the definition of the wrapping recipe dedicated to the palletized load
Tosa -
Michele Bellangero, Sales Director