In smart packaging, sustainability starts from the project

Published: 28/05/2021

Designing, monitoring, materials consumption: Cama Group maximizes the sustainability level of products and processes in multiple ways. “We are a company focusing on secondary packaging”, the Sales Executive Manager Cristian Sala explains, “and we ensure that the packaging materials used are 100-percent made of cardboard, which is experiencing a growing demand in the market, if compared to plastic”.

In order to work together with end-users in reducing overall lines’ consumption, Cama Group is also engineering solutions which are able to increase machine efficiency at the highest level.

“Increasing the overall efficiency of a machine helps to minimize waste or product damage, and this stands for an indirect contribution to sustainability, too, for end-user: anything that is processed in a packaging line is destinated to be shipped, sold and consumed, without waste”, Sala underlines.

When engineering its systems, Cama Group starts from the preliminary analysis and study of boxes and packaging to be processed. This approach supports the reduction of cardboard use in the packaging process. “We developed several patented solutions in this direction, which are the result of the combination of a deep marketing study – managed in cooperation with our customer – and the fine-tuning of the most suitable technological solution”, Sala says.

“This process can lead us to introduce customized boxes, as happened, for example, for snacks packaging of a well-known Italian manufacturer, or to create replicable platforms in different world locations, as happened in the case of the packaging of pralines for a famous multinational company operating in the chocolate industry”.

These are, therefore, patents that are directly related to the package, with the benefits of reducing it or maximizing its resistance and strength. “Thus, end-users gain also marked improvement in terms of products’ shipping and displaying”, Sala points out.

Energy efficiency, too, starts with designing

Regarding energy efficiency issues, Cama Group works strongly on machine designing and consumption rate monitoring. “Often, in our machines we install devices – both hardware and software – which are able to monitor energy efficiency data and parameters”, the R&D Manager Massimo Monguzzi states. The accurate monitoring of electrical and compressed air consumption rates gives the possibility to detect any anomaly or irregularity promptly and over time.

“In advance, however, machine designing is already strongly oriented towards energy saving”, Monguzzi adds. “In fact, we adopt several measures that allow us to design machines oriented to energy saving. Even where it’s not required by regulations, we use electric motors featuring the highest energy efficiency Class. We also size correctly motors and drives configuration and models, in order to feature the lowest consumption and the lowest demand for power in the customer’s factory plants.

In addition, we are committed to implementing solutions with RIP drives, with the possibility of energy regeneration function, which increases the energy efficiency of the machine, especially in robotics applications. Finally, we cut down the length of unnecessary pneumatic tubes, thus minimizing the compressed air consumption”.

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