Smart Packaging, that is high quality yet without waste

Published: 13/05/2021

«The most committing challenge the packaging world is facing today is increasing the sustainability degree of its manufacturing processes, to protect environment and human health», the Sales Manager of Baumer, Roberto Campagnini, explains. «To reach this target we are increasingly opting for using materials such as the corrugated cardboard, as it is fully recyclable and biodegradable. However, the cardboard is a cost for users that, besides dealing with the global sustainability demand, must assess how to decrease production costs drastically. Baumer solution on its wrap-around machines consists in the possibility of transporting Blanks on a vacuumed belt, allowing the use of low-thickness cardboards, too, without affecting the good package forming. The reduction of cardboard thicknesses can notably decrease the yearly spending for the purchase of this raw material».

More and more sustainable shrink film

«Concerning packages with plastic material », Campagnini adds, «numerous packaging companies are proposing films which are developed with percentages of recycled or compostable material. In our R&D department, we can carry out tests on these new plastic materials and implement them in our patented systems, like the automated reel change and the GreenTech tunnel, which allow us to reduce the film thickness up to 7%, assuring high packaging quality, reduction of raw materials and manufacturing saving».

Moreover, Baumer has always explored and engineered solutions to reduce processing scraps in various stages. «We use systems of product control and cardboard closure that permit to eliminate waste packaging in production and to reduce processing scraps», Campagnini highlights. «Regarding the shrink film, we use a system that enables the complete use of the reel that does not leave unused film residues. This allows users to optimize manufacturing processes, too».

Being committed to the process energy efficiency

Besides, Campagnini points out Baumer’s commitment to monitoring the energy efficiency in the process. «In our secondary packaging lines that need the use of shrink film, we implement our Green Tech Tunnels with the goal of further reducing film thicknesses and operation temperatures, as to ensure a better packaging quality and a further decrease of energy costs. Heating elements, which are suitable for establishing the operation temperature in the tunnel, are thin Nickel-Chrome filaments that allow the system to reach the pre-set temperature more quickly.

The efficiency of this kind of heating elements is higher. Their use, combined with the airflow management and various temperature controls, allows us to optimize energy consumptions, customizing them according to customers’ requirements, reaching an approximate 40% saving compared to standard tunnels».

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