From product to service, how turning into sustainability in the packaging industry

Published: 17/05/2021

When sustainability is at stake, Clevertech implements various tools to satisfy customers’ specific requirements. «First of all, the Digital package that offers a series of useful services to speed up the spare part ordering process», the Mechatronic Director Simone Cervi explains.

«Relying on the IClevertech App, through the scanning of a QR code directly positioned on the machine control panel, it’s possible to send the request for offer and availability of the exact spare part directly Clevertech Service Office, reducing errors. By means of the reserved area of their own IClevertech, customers can browse manuals and send directly the request of the needed spare part».

Moreover, the contribution of preventive maintenance is fundamental. «To enable this strategy, we use systems like diagnostics by zone or by device. As alternative, we offer the PLC maintenance package that consists in a series of timers integrated inside the control panel of machines, with the aim of programming maintenance and of obtaining specific problem-solving documentation».

Clevertech also makes its experts available for customers. «Among the other services, we offer service for the process amelioration, we can highlight the possibility of audits and technical maintenance visits, paid by highly specialized technical teams which are able to carry out in-depth analyses on the key components of plants, as well as on all safety devices. Monitoring visits can reveal criticalities that are not visible, yet, and then avoid machine downtimes through a timely intervention».

Integration creates sustainability and efficiency

Another key word in Clevertech is integration. «The process sustainability can be also quantified in the integration skills with existing plants: concerning this, we can certify integrations and interfacing with third parties’ machines installed in customers’ plants», Cervi underlines.

To decrease and to monitor production scraps, «we have developed systems for the detection of uncompliant products that can be integrated to the packaging line monitoring control and foreseen relative reject lines for non-conform products. Still with the target of minimizing rejects, we adopt a smooth handling of products in each processing phase, to avoid damages».

Finally, the energy efficiency issue is a hot topic. «We study solutions such as the implementation of gearmotor groups that reach the IE5 efficiency class, or the implementation of deactivation systems for actuators when they are not involved in processing phases. We have adopted the progressive reduction of pneumatics in various plants, where it can be replaced by electric solutions.

The plants manufactured in a pneumatic-free mode have led to savings of 10-15,000 Euros yearly, according to studies carried out by the University of Turin, maximizing performances and decreasing use costs».

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