In packaging industry, sustainability is tailor-made

Published: 12/05/2021

Zacmi masters with extreme attention the values of environmental sustainability and energy saving. The company’s commitment, in fact, is to transmit these values to customers with its own technologies, customizing them according to the respective needs, just as a tailored suit. «Zacmi has always taken care of the sustainability degree of products and of their process», the Sales Area Manager Fabio Belicchi assures.

«Due to the commitment and skills of the R&D department, in fact, the philosophy established in the company focuses on customers’ specific products. We can in fact easily imagine our research and development division as the “laboratory of each of them”, where we always try to find solutions that make the product itself sustainable, permitting in addition the competitive edge».

Therefore, Zacmi strategy starts from a well-outlined horizon. «The keys of our philosophy are: time to market, for innovative solutions, the manpower optimization, paying attention to the production line», Belicchi underlines. «Therefore, we can affirm that we have worked at a systemic level to develop those solutions dedicated to our customers’ requirements and demands».

Scrap monitoring and reduction, in filling

Concerning the improvement of monitoring and reduction of processing scraps, Zacmi offers a wide articulated range. «There are several systems, developed by Zacmi, which monitor and estimate the quality of our machines’ various operations», Belicchi adds. « Zacmi D.S.M. system is an example: to check the quality of seaming operations and prevent any defects that can escape a standard sample check».

Zacmi is also committed on a further front. «As regards, instead, our filling systems, Zacmi integrates most of process control devices at disposal on the market, with the capability to adjust specific parameters of the filling machine in feedback, depending on the type of filling. Therefore, we can affirm that, due to our systems, it is possible to contribute in the improvement of processing reject monitoring».

Another highly relevant issue accurately controlled by Zacmi concerns the energy efficiency of processes according to a final goal of energy saving for end-users. «Here, we have recently integrated a new family of mechatronic drives. The use of IE4-class motors, reduction gears and fully integrated control systems, create a mechatronic architecture that allows energy saving up to 50% compared to the use of standard systems» Belicchi finally highlights.

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