Displaying all the “green” side of packaging industry

Published: 11/06/2021

In Opem, the decision of being a “green company” means orienting its whole production activity – from the designing phase to single processing, and from the in-house manufacturing to the choice of machines – towards a drastic reduction of energy consumptions and a tangible positive impact on the surrounding territory.

In this course, Opem neatly stands out on the market for its ability of supplying technologies to maximise the sustainability degree of end-users’ products and processes. «Opem offers a really broad range of primary packaging machines and, for this reason, different technologies are used according to the type of product and package», Franco Lupi, Head of R&D Department, tells.

«In the range of each of these specializations, we have performed studies, still in evolution, to increase sustainability. The use of recyclable materials, the reduction of consumptions and the possibility of recovering almost 95% of components of our machines at their life-end make machines, as well as the products they implement, completely sustainable».

Actually, Opem machines not only can satisfy each customer’s requirements, but they also operate in compliance with the full environment protection measures, using sustainable materials with a lower energy impact.

From the technological point of view, Opem pursues its “green” strategy starting from design-oriented activities. «Machines are always designed to obtain an extremely low number of rejects», Lupi underlines. «As we cannot exclude them a priori, the monitoring of processes and the development of software that can retro-operate systems or learn from errors to improve processes, are applied with more and more frequency. Different systems of this kind are installed in Opem machines».

Energy saving is always under control

The same commitment is confirmed for the possibility of monitoring the process energy efficiency in a final vision of energy saving for end-users. «During the plant designing, also when they are highly customized as it often happens to Opem, the attention to energy efficiency is always high», Lupi confirms. «The use of low-consumption components, in particular during processing phases, assure the utmost efficiency with regard to the demanded product and production».

High care is taken of component aspects, too. «The components involved in the energy efficiency of the machine are certainly all electric ones, which must have the lowest possible absorption, but also the energy balancing of other energy rates, such as compressed air, if present, or inert gas, needed to assure the customer’s product durability. The fluid-dynamic study of these components is essential to reduce wastes», Lupi ends.

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