In secondary packaging and end of line modularity and full integration are the winning cards

Published: 06/10/2022

Over the years, the packages of basic commodities have become smaller and smaller and more and more compact; above all there has been a certain dynamism of formats, necessary to meet or anticipate new consumption habits.

An evolving packaging impacts packing and packaging machines, particularly lines for secondary packaging and end of line that had to increase their speed, to be able to manage more items, and become more flexible to handle no longer static formats that change continuously.

These challenges are opportunities a dynamic company like Clevertech (an Italian company with over thirty years’ experience in secondary packaging and end of line, located in Cadelbosco Sopra, Reggio Emilia province, at the heart of the packaging and automation valley) – has been able to seize reporting important results on the strategic front thanks to a flexible approach in meeting its clients’ requirements.

«We supply modular, performing and customized systems ranging from robotized to layer solutions with the aim to supply a finished line with full integration specifications, that is with the same electric specifications all along the line and the same mechanic components”, says Amedeo Roma, Area Sales Manager Italia Clevertech. “A real added value for those who purchase a turnkey, high quality and tailor made system».

The value of full integration

Full integration is the result of a deep interaction between engineering and sales teams in our company – with 300 employees at our headquarters in Reggio Emilia and a global presence in five continents with branch offices and after sale service offices to meet the demand of customers more and more interested in open and easily access solutions. Our customers are mainly multinational companies in the food & beverage industry which are provided with a localised service.

«A few years ago we decided to go for a strong integration of electric components and today, in this particular condition of shortage of raw materials and components due to the difficult international geopolitical situation, we are at an advantage,» explains Mr. Roma. 

«The same components are applied in all our machines, for example the pallet conveyor system uses a single motorisation, both for full and for empty pallets».

This is a clear advantage also for user firms that keep in store few components to be used on different sections of a machine. 

«During this particularly complicated period, we made sure that our branches, located in different parts of the world, organised themselves to source materials and components in their respective geographical areas, also to engage in local production if necessary, looking for alternative solutions in order to be able to overcome a rather difficult time», adds Mr. Roma.

Why go for modularity

Beside number of patents, Clevertech invested in modularity, in the construction of high-level automation platforms, that allows the system to be upgraded and evolved based on the need of the market.

The concept of modularity is now fundamental in the making and supplying process, as it offers the client significant benefits, such as higher efficiency, lower costs and a high degree of flexibility. A modular approach allows for simplification both electronically and in terms of customized solutions to be realised in minimal time.

The strategic aim is investing on the supply of full lines, without prejudice to mere filling. Hence, all what concerns case packaging: opening systems, cases, case erectors and case packers. “We have already offered different solutions of these lines for multinational companies, both in Europe and in the United States, also thanks to a dedicated Business Unit”, adds Mr. Roma.

Digitalisation and industry 4.0, are they a business leverage?

Clevertech has long since started a digitalisation process, which is why it was practically ready for Industry 4.0. «Our machines are already equipped with remote assistance», continues Mr. Roma. «Remote monitoring is a service we offer all over the world, 7/24, with dedicated staff. We can connect ourselves with the machines, check the condition and interact in case of difficulty».

Improved plant management on the operational side is for sure a major advantage brought by Industry 4.0

«This subject has always been present at Clevertech since we make integrated lines for multinational companies which do business all over the world, for which it is essential to intervene even before problems occur in order to avoid very costly machine/line stoppages».

As regards manuals, Clevertech developed a system based on virtual reality in order to make the technical approach easier, as customers need. Through a bar code applied on every machine a smart device will access the manual and, at the same time, forward a request for spare parts.

Hence, Industry 4.0 is certainly an added value however not a key driver. «Certainly, thanks to the government incentive scheme many customers took advantage of the tax-free opportunity to renew their machinery, however still in favour of their own business», concludes Mr. Roma.  

E-commerce, an opportunity to be seized

Always looking to the future and paying attention to new trends, Clevertech invested in e-commerce, while developing palletizers to handle plastic containers used in e-commerce. A dedicated Business Unit works to develop a booming market, thanks to in house expertise, the result of skills and know how acquired over years of activity that make of the company a reference supplier in this industry.

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