Rendezvous at CibusTec forum!

Published: 30/06/2022

Cibus Tec Forum is the new exhibition/conference on food and beverage technologies, scheduled to take place in Parma on 25th-26th October 2022.

Conceived by Fiere di Parma and Koelnmesse, this two-day conference with an innovative format will offer an overview of the most significant technological innovations and trends in the Food processing & packaging industry, that will certainly impact our future habits.

Main sponsor of the event is Smart Packaging Hub; with the six companies that established it, from the very start the Hub helped give birth to the forum and is part of its history.

Cibus Tec Forum originates from a demand of the market, in particular that of visitors to CibusTec and it is aimed at offering them a meeting point and a social moment with players shaping the future of the Food&Beverage industry”, said Fabio Bettio, Exhibition Director, Cibus Tec, at the opening press conference organised by the Smart Packaging Hub.

The event took place on the terrace of the Tecniche Nuove’s Milan office, and it turned out to be a great networking opportunity, with partner companies and end customers, that will be at Cibus Tec Forum 2022 and at Cibus Tec 2023 sharing a preview of the new contents. 

The Smart Packaging Hub Builds Community

A beacon and a virtual place for all those working in the food and beverage packaging industry. This is the Smart Packaging Hub, made up of six companies all together counting more than one thousand employees and a turnover of over 300 million Euros, 95 per cent of which on the international market, in Italy, a country that is world’s leading exporter of machinery for the Food&Beverage sector.

“Food and beverage producers who work on these machines discuss with us new packagings; this gives us the opportunity to feel the pulse of the market and to catch the current trends, added Luca Carollo, Clevertech, one of the six companies in the pool.

“The idea of the Forum came up here and we started a path that will take us to be the key players during the the two-day event in October”.

Technological Contents in the Innovative Cibus Tec Forum Format

The CibusTech Forum was conceived as an innovative format in this industry, with the aim of bringing both content and a display area of an equally high quality level.

Inside a single big hall, next to the exhibition area, a plenary hall and five meeting rooms will host 25 conferences, four of which will be plenary international sessions. Within the Vertical Showcase Sessions, specialised workshops will focus on the various food sectors and explore future trends.

The exhibiting area, open all along the event, with turnkey booths and sections devoted to innovations and operating demo lines, will host players in the Food processing & packaging supply chain, well known brands, as well as small cutting edge realities in the bio-tech and innovative materials sector, research centres, incubators and innovators in the Food & Beverage industry. 

There will also be events dedicated to international buyers in cooperation with ICE and Regione Emilia Romagna: altogether 200 guests from Europe, North Africa, the Balkan area, Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Organisers expect approximately 15,000 domestic and foreign visitors. 

Four Conferences to Talk about F&B Processing & Packaging Trends

With the full support of the Smart Packaging Hub, some key note speakers have been selected for the four international panels that will present trends, coming innovations and tell how to rise to a challenge or meet it in the future.

Innovative Materials for a Circular Economy

Key Note Speaker Enrico Pucci, The Kraft Heinz Company

The Kraft Heinz project is a beautiful story of a global firm linked to our country for production and innovation put forward with the six companies within the Smart Packaging Hub. For seven years, the company has been investing in the manufacturing site in Latina, the house of the Plasmon trademark, a historical brand created in Italy in the early 1900’s, that brought about a strong innovation in nutritional care. Innovation goes on and today they focus on sustainability, not only in the product supply chain, but also from packaging to machinery technology.

Globalisation and Green Transition

Key note speaker Fausto Marino, Mulino Marino

Carbon Neutral in 2050 is the Green Deal target in Europe. However, sustainability along the food supply chain has a cost. Who will bear it? Initially, the Green Deal will impact agriculture. However, later on it will involve all actors in the supply chain reaching the large-scale retail channel. The conference, still being defined, will see the participation of European institutions and of players representing the supply chain and the food industry. Mulino Marino, since 1956 a typical Italian family business producing flours, now entirely organic and certified, will tell  us a story of sustainability and a mission based on investment and reliable technology partners.

Food Safety

Four Key Note Speakers of Excellence

The conference of Food Safety will see European and US institutions confront each other, e.g. the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the la Global Food Safety Initiative (Gfsi), a coalition from the Consumer Goods Forum – the biggest organisation representing the food industry and retail channel. This great international conference will discuss the importance of safe Food & Beverage. The panel also hosts Policom, another beautiful Italian business producing nuts based spreads and top quality drinks in aseptic area: a story of safety that deserves to be told.

Digitalisation and Sustainability in Conversion and Packaging Technologies

Key Note Speaker Smart Packaging Hub

Major European realities will confront with Italy and Germany, globally representing the best technology in the Food & Beverage industry. They will focus on packaging; the six companies of the Smart Packaging Hub will tackle the issue of packaging trends, packaging sustainability and circularity. They will consider benefits and opportunities that materials – all of them, including plastics – now available can offer, and examine technological innovation of machines and how digitalisation will change this industry in a very near future. In the exibition area, a full system, prepared by the six companies of the Hub, will show the best in technology for packaging and packing of food and beverage.

CibusTec Forum awaits you in October to tell you a story of love for innovations.

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