The opportunity of digital transformation for food & beverage

Published: 20/04/2021

Industry 4.0 and digital innovation: how can this evolution be transferred into the food & beverage packaging industry? Which kind of benefits can this evolution bring to the customer and how does it ensure competitiveness in today global market? These topics were fully discussed at the round table of last 15 April 2021. The event, moderated by Cesare Fantuzzi, Full Professor Industrial Automation and Robotics, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, was joined by the Smart Packaging Hub companies experts, which presented their most innovative solutions and the related added value benefited by end-users in the packaging industry.

Cama Group: the Digital Twin optimizes production processes

Through the Digital Twin technology offered by Cama Group, it is possible to virtually simulate an entire production line. Thus, end-users are able to check the consequences of any changes introduced in their process, such as changes in parameters, introduction of new production steps, introduction of new machines along the line etc. The analysis of each change – related with efficiency and operation data provided by the system – allows the customer to understand which are the most advantageous changes to be introduced or the critical points to be solved in his production line.

Working on a virtual model enables customers to better optimize line parameters and transfer into reality only the most reliable solution. Which is the added value for the customer? Of course, the optimization of the entire process and production lines.

Makro Labelling: controlling is the basis of quality

In labelling applications, the market currently requires, above all, the highest integration of necessary information regarding different packages of the same product. Today – where the label is not only a controlling element, but often it becomes a purchasing motivation for the consumer – it is essential that the information is transmitted at the right time and automatically, so as to ensure consistency and correctness.

Makro Labelling’s systems allow the integration of product information into a homogeneous system, as well as the selection and printing of this information only at the appropriate time and for the desired package. Makro Labelling also offers advanced vision systems to feature the correct positioning of labels, the automatic detection and the consequent automatic correction of possible errors. The benefit to the customer? Saving time, yet increasing quality and traceability.

Tosa Group: data available for customers, for a continuous monitoring on any device

There are tons of machines data, but they are useless, when a clear vision and a digital path analysis are still missing. It is necessary to organize and analyze data, and to give them back to operators working on the machines or to company managers in a useful format, so that they can use these data as a “monitoring tool” and support for their decisions. For this purpose, T-hypothalamus is born, which is the new Cloud-based software platform by Tosa Group. The platform is able to collect data from Tosa machines, and then to select, analyze and return them back to the user.

Production and machine performance data, energy and film consumption data, and, above all, data regarding the machine operating status, which are useful to feature an advanced troubleshooting activity, to plan preventive maintenance strategy and to boost machine performances.

Clevertech: full integration is displayed

Clevertech’s “Integra” solution is a MES (Manufacturing Executing System) platform designed to meet the needs of end-users demanding a complete and perfect interface between production and logistics areas. This integrated approach allows a reduction in costs – thanks to the optimization of components and spaces – a synchronized management, and the reduction of dedicated staff. The highest possibility of customization and the best integration level – which are calibrated to the needs of the customer and to its ERP (management system) -are strong key points of this MES.

Baumer: energy saving for a greener approach to packaging

Baumer’s solutions are synonymous with energy and raw material savings for the end-user, resulting in a significative reduction in terms of production costs and environmental impact. Real-time monitoring systems for energy consumption, downtime minimization, the possibility of automatic reel changing, the use of lower thickness films, as well as efficient motors, standby functions and temperature control increase the sustainability of the machines and decrease the company’s carbon footprint.

Zacmi: modular configuration of the line for a regular production flow

With a well-planned production strategy, end-users can avoid line downtimes. Such a strategy also includes modular, flexible and well-synchronized configuration functions in the lines. In this way, it’s possible to reduce downtimes due to product changeovers, and to continuously produce, without interrupting processes even when running small product batches. This strategy is definitely important where it is requested to add or change some steps of the production line. Zacmi’s solution enables end-users to satisfy these needs avoiding expensive downtimes.

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