Clevertech enhances customization

Published: 07/04/2021

The solutions by Clevertech Group provide for state-of-the-art sensors, branded by leader world players. «Each plant is equipped with a sensor system with high customization degree», the Mechatronic Director Simone Cervi explains. «The Group stands out for manufacturing plants in various continents: customers can choose Siemens or Rockwell hardware and software architecture on which sensors are interfaced».

The systems by Clevertech Group integrate sensors able to identify and to select the correctness of the products managed on lines. «Some applications are the barcode reader, vision systems and Shape & Quality control devices studied to detect and to report defects in shape and tolerance of the single and palletised product».

The R&D division has developed a new robotic handling system on Sew Eurodrive and Rockwell Automation platforms. «It assures higher cyclicity, positive and accurate handling by means of smoothed paths and soft low-wear materials in direct contact with products. Moreover, it integrates collision detection devices to protect the integrity of the product itself. A single panel for palletiser and handler allows managing all functions, enabling a complete teleservice for the whole end of line functionality».

Efficiency and flexibility, due to cutting-edge motion and PLC

To make processing phases more efficient and flexible, Cleverterch Group has studied also integrated motion control and/or logic (plc) solutions, and specific software for the management of recipes/processing/changeovers. «In this way, our machines avail themselves of self-adjustable regulation systems that can be directly managed by HMI without in line retooling and without using tools for regulations of machine inputs», Cervi further tells. «Besides, they feature devices studied to make changeover procedures as close to zero impact as possible. Some solutions provide for the format change meant as pallet, product, tie sheet “on fly” without stopping the palletising flow».

Machine safety above all

To make processes safer, the “machine safety” is the most important aspect for Clevertech. «Our machine use state-of-art safety components by the best world players, studying their integration to supply a safe, accessible, easily maintained and performing machine».

In Clevertech, prearrangement for advanced maintenance/diagnostics, troubleshooting solutions, diagnostics and data for predictive maintenance planning are extensively under application and development phase. «We have upgraded the architecture of the touchscreen applied on all solutions in Siemens and Rockwell Automation platform with an area dedicated to diagnostics, with user-accessible digitized information packages. We have also invested in the creation of a more intuitive dashboard for the input of new recipes and the reading of statistical data», Cervi ends.

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