Cama Group is rich in controls

Published: 06/04/2021

The solutions from Cama Group assure the highest quality and integrity of products from a line. «To provide a solid foundation we bring the incoming product under control; the control of the outgoing product, in our case a package; the control of the operator on the machine and on fixtures», the R&D Manager Massimo Monguzzi explains.

For futher control of the incoming products, Cama Group can enable printed code reading for the assessment of the batch or of the correct product typology. «In addition, we can carry out more advanced controls through vision systems in order to check the product integrity and to perform dimensional, surface and qualitative controls», Monguzzi adds.

Concerning the control of outgoing product, Cama Group verifies that the package leaving the machine conforms to the expected values, with correct weight, package flaps suitably closed and correctly glued, as well as the quality of the box squareness, and is complete in terms of number of primary products contained inside.

«Concerning the control of operator functionality», Monguzzi adds, «we check they do not intervene negatively on the machine functionality: manual tooling operations between one production and the other are controlled by dedicated sensors or procedures guided by HMI interfaces».

Efficient control even with more formats

Executive Sales Manager, Cristian Sala goes further: «When the machine provides the management of several formats, after some changes executed by the operator, there are controls regarding the various regulations». Cama Group can supply the final solution, with all or part of such controls integrated into the main machine, or it can act as integrator according to devices chosen and indicated by the customer, managing the line setup, too.

Moreover, to make processing phases and the line configuration more efficient, flexible and leaner, Cama Group provides automated changeover solutions to speed up operations and assure the implementation of such processes in full safety.

Safe remote connection

«On the other hand», Sala highlights, «it is also possible to turn to the remote connection on the machine, with service or staff training through this connection. In addition, the machine provides for the possibility of a maintenance link with the diagnostics indicated by the operator panel». Undertaking this course, it is possible to achieve programmed maintenance that allows intervening on some components and avoiding events such as the machine downtime.

Finally, to make processes safer, the design of the machine itself, is oriented to operator safety targets. «To reach that goal, we implement the most advanced solutions, from the control of parts in motion to the limitation of access.  This is accomplished through the high level of safety and reliability of components themselves», Monguzzi concludes.

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