Baumer’s commitment to secondary packaging

Published: 29/03/2021

Baumer produces packaging machines working with both shrink-wrap film and wrap-around carton. «In secondary packaging it is fundamental to preserve the product integrity during all packaging phases and to allow the defect-free delivery to final customers», the Sales Manager Roberto Campagnini explains. «Depending on cases, we use: customized solutions to prevent the label damaging, sensors to determine the correct number of products in the package and cameras for the traceability of single products in packages». 

«In addition to product safety and protection», Campagnini further adds, «we have also to take care of the package quality, often it is a sale factor of the product itself; nowadays, it is common to use printed films that must not show deformations after shrink and must not be affected by wrinkles that would damage the look; therefore, we have designed control systems of temperature and airflows to achieve the best possible aesthetical effect, besides reaching a high energy saving. In the case of machines with wrap-around carton, too, we have developed solutions that prevent the carton damaging, with possible reduction of its thickness or consistency, so providing customers with notable saving in the material cost».

Baumer solutions optimize processing and line configuration phases. «The automated machine world is in the forefront for the electronics use and recently the higher use of motion control solutions has enhanced its flexibility, allowing quick and increasingly automated changeover times», Campagnini explains. «In some applications, the customer’s managerial system directly informs the machine and then the operator about the new format to be produced. The machine will suit the new format and, when the operator’s intervention is involved, the machine itself suggests the operations and the controls to be carried out to increase operators’ and process safety. We have packaging lines with over 80 different formats and nothing can be left to chance». 

Not only mechanical safety

Baumer is strongly committed to making processes safer. «Besides intrinsic mechanical safety systems, in recent years electronics aids maintenance remarkably, both ordinary one according to the consumptions determined by work times, and the predictive one, controlling the various loads on motors or the signals sent by apposite sensors and then suggesting intervention points and times. Therefore, we are reaching a stage in which the machine itself manages its maintenance. This can be managed fully from remote, increasing the efficiency of the whole maintenance department. «This leads», Campagnini ends, «to shorter machine downtimes and consequently to a higher efficiency of the entire production line».

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