Opem, specialists in manufacturing tailored process plants

Published: 14/04/2021

Opem SpA is headquartered in Emilia Romagna and precisely in the city of Parma, where, in 1974, Fabio Binacchi, President in charge, took over a small metalworking subcontracting company, maintaining the name “Opem”. 

Opem turns soon into a designing and manufacturing company of production plants. Shifting from weighing and packaging systems of dry pasta and biscuits to lines for weighing and packaging of coffee beans, ground coffee in bags or vacuum-packed, and in cans.

Few years later, Opem starts ranking on an international scale, enlarges its size, changes its production plant and its systems arouse the interest of leading worldwide companies. The President Binacchi sketches his ideas of lines and machines in front of potential customers, as forerunner of the current 3D technology.

Current customers and potential customers like that kind of assistance and support still nowadays, and they increasingly demand for business competence, asking for strongly customized plants with high qualitative performances.

The unceasing demand for new implementations of production processes has gradually led Opem to the study and the production of systems for Coffee Pods in filter paper and their packaging in bags with 4-corner sealing, also called “Stabilo Bag”. It was a great important step forward. In few years, Opem has gained outstanding customers that have trusted the company and enhanced its international propensity. Opem grows further, to the extent of building a new larger and more comfortable factory, the present one.

The President, with his technical and commercial staff, leads the company to high technological levels and, accepting the request by an American multinational company, Opem lands by full title in the United States, establishing there 37 new high-volume manufacturing plants for the filling and closing of a special K-CUP.

Opem is an efficient, reliable and greatly innovative partner. Opem aims at leaving a sign, and its motto is “Leave a sign”, which represents the core of the corporate philosophy. A philosophy which is oriented to efficiency, sustainability and beauty.

A green policy and a philosophy oriented to sustainability

Always pursued and constantly boosted, the green policy is properly represented by Opem’s new headquarter. Inaugurated in 2014, it is a state-of-the-art building constructed according to the most innovative energy management systems.

Lines engineered by Opem are able to decrease – during the production process – the nitrogen consumption; they have reduced the energy consumption by 39%, and cut by 20% the waste of films needed for the product packaging. Machines’ layout, as well, has taken the space consumption into account. To reach these standards, Opem has selected only those suppliers that pursue the same sustainability philosophy.

In recent years, Opem research activity has thoroughly focused on compostable biodegradable materials, in order to make its lines and machines compatible with the use of these new materials. Currently, Opem is highly successful in the capsule packaging sector and has been pioneer in implementing suitable systems for processing particular compostable corn-made capsules. Great adventure, great success and a lot of expertise.

Leave a sign means also bringing a breath of novelty and fresh air into production plants, delivering machines that match high performances and aesthetical beauty. Opem machines can be in fact customized by applying printed panels implemented with technical performing materials that feature attractive graphics. 

In addition to machines for pods, capsules, K-CUP and vacuum bags, the company has conceived a very interesting weighing and packaging system to process Pet Food. “Stabilo bag” with screw-on cap to close the bag efficaciously and to keep the product fresh.

Opem supplies crosswise small, medium and big customers worldwide, processing variables of products in beans and powder, through Entry Level lines for small production up to volume-manufacturing of 100 bags per minute, 1,200-1,400 pods/capsules per minute.

Opem operates locally in Brazil, with its Opem Brasil branch, in Singapore, with Opem Asia subsidiary, and in the USA with an efficient assistance organization for customer services. Two years ago, Opem introduced a new platform featuring digital monitoring system and remote live service through video support.

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