Clevertech, integrated solutions for end-of-line

Published: 26/03/2021

Established in 1987, Clevertech Group is headquartered at Cadelbosco di Sopra, in Reggio Emilia province, with four branches in North America, China, France, UK, and South Asia. In May, they are planning the inauguration of a new plant in Italy, taking up 13,800 square metres, provided with new logistic and quality control area. 

Due to the gained experience, the company has become a partner for the design of integrated solutions for front and end of line, with a range that goes from food & beverage to home care, wine & spirits markets and from pet food to personal care sectors, meeting the requirements of major manufacturers of consumer goods. The systems by Clevertech Group can manage a broad packaging variety: PET bottles, full, bulk cans, ends, cases, and secondary packaging.

Due to highly specialized management and in-house software division constantly trained, the company unceasingly invests in innovative tools and supports to implement customized designs, in conformity with customers’ specific requirements and international safety parameters. 

Modularity and utmost customization

Clevertech’s focus on customers results in the mechanical, electric and software modularity, with high customization: customized fully integrated upstream and downstream solutions, e-commerce solutions, single-layer palletizers, small footprint technology, half and quarter pallets. According to Industry 4.0 concept, all machines can be provided with digital documentation, spare part app, customized videos, diagnostics by area, by device and PLC preventive maintenance together with maintenance tasks. 

The holistic approach makes Clevertech a single supplier that produces end of line solutions fully integrated in terms of interface, electric design, safety design, software pack ML design, programming and TPM design. Concretization of the holistic approach are the integrated solutions for front and end of line (EOL – End Of Line) that include palletizers, product conveyors, labelling machines, stretch wrapping machines, strapping systems, pallet conveyors and data tracing systems. 

The company designs and produces also automated robots and shuttle systems for feeding to autoclaves for the loading and unloading of the basket used for pasteurization. 

To assure the best performance, the company provides in-house acceptance tests and vertical start up. In-house tests of systems shorten assembling times at customers’ factories and allow the immediate start. After sale services provide for programmed maintenance, service on the spot, h24 service by subscription and training. 

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